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We are an experienced and customer-oriented escort agency in Berlin who’s been around for some time.

Forced cuckold / homosexuality

You’re a naughty man, we know you are. And we like it.

One of men’s fantasies is to be “forced” to watch while their wives have sex with other people (like one or more of our girls), another is that a man and his male friend are “forced” to have sex with each other “against” their will. Are these two familiar to you? You’re in the right place, because they are very familiar to us and we have the right women to make it happen!

Whatever your fetish may be, drop us a message and if our ladies are happy to perform it, we’ll get back to you with details. It’s better to get a professional to do it, than investing yourself too much.

Would you like to work with us at a friendly, respected and women-owned and operated agency? Apply for a role!
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