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Face slapping fetish Berlin

If you’re on this page, you’ve been naughty. And this doesn’t go unpunished in this house. Now we can get over it, we’re good parents, but not our girls, they need to showcase their authority and you know it! You better pick who’s gonna slap your face and nuts from the girls below. You can pick 1 or more girls to slap your naughty buttocks, because face slapping won’t even cut it!

Here’s some tips to you enjoy it since you can’t escape it: beg you girl(s) of choice to wear an appropriate corset and, if you’re honest with yourself you’ll ask them to start with an erotic massage and finish with a golden shower. That’s right. Now get ready and don’t upset them!

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Alejandra is back! Enjoy your evening of hot sweaty sex and kinky escapism with our most wanted.
Alejandra Berlin
Sensual Martha is one of a kind beauty with a perfect peachy derrière to lighten your day.
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