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Alejandra review: the ultimate girl next door

alejandra berlin drinkingSee, when someone tells you you’re hot oftentimes, you get used to it. But our business, it’s not about looking hot alone. I mean, sure, we put a lot of effort into that, we’re mechanical animals, as Marilyn Manson puts it, but the main activity is the relationship part. It’s where your skills meets the client’s needs and expectations and magic happens.

Alejandra is a skilled person. She’s knowledgeable, kind and attentive and she understands that we sometimes limit ourselves and we create boundaries that prevent us from really connecting with each other. But she’s socially skilled enough to help you overcome your background insecurities and at peace with your own needs and desires.

Here’s what a customer had to say about her a while back:


Key takeaways: the ultimate girl next door, I adore her.

Alejandra is the ultimate girl next door. She is a natural beauty who has confidence that radiates, with a sexy Aussie accent and a devilish smile, I adore her.

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