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Independent Reviews

We make a great deal of being one the best escort agencies in Berlin and Germany and when the ladies and gentlemen who use our services are happy, we’re damn happy as well. We’re fulfilled our purpose and brought some intimate joy into their lives. Find some of the independent, third-party reviews of our girls or of the interesting encounters our clients had with them and see for yourself why we have such a great reputation.

Alejandra review: the ultimate girl next door

alejandra berlin drinking

See, when someone tells you you’re hot oftentimes, you get used to it. But our business, it’s not about looking hot alone. I mean, sure, we put a lot of effort into that, we’re mechanical animals, as Marilyn Manson puts it, but the main activity is the relationship part. It’s where your skills meets the client’s needs and expectations and magic happens. Alejandra is a skilled person. She’s knowledgeable, kind and attentive and she understands that we sometimes limit ourselves and we create boundaries that prevent us from really connecting with each other. But she’s socially skilled enough to help you overcome your background insecurities and at peace with your own needs and desires. Here’s what a customer had to […]

Alejandra review: ‘wonderful time, a super sweet GFE’

alejandra berlin with a red rose

We all know here that Alejandra is a heart melter; she’s been turning heads on the street since we know her, ‘twisting’ arms and hearts of men from all walks of life with her kinks and stories, like the pro she is, and showing confidence and respect for everybody like a real people princess. When it comes to escorts in Berlin that make your stay memorable and the visit too short, Alejandra take the big prize. Back when we started, Alejandra was always the soul of the party, a larger-than-life entertainer who would imprint herself into your horny memory for the rest of your life. Not that she can’t be the soul of the party anymore, she’s just more relaxed […]

Marina review: “I recommend the girl and the service”

marina is a sexy beauty

Marina is getting praises in general, no surprise here. From us and our clients all the time, but also from her colleagues. She is very appreciated for her calm and tactful attitude towards social situations and we’re certainly very happy to have her in our team. Feel free to book her and discover her talents yourself. And, to quote her exact words when she’s on her knees, “thank you, sir!”. Here’s what a gentleman had to say about her: Key takeaways: a hot European blonde, the girls all live up to their ads. I just had a couple of hours available on an early weekday morning. Most places I called didn’t answer until this outfit Student Models, available 24×7 ! […]

Marina review: “an experience of a lifetime, that I will surely partake in again”


Very nice to find out how much this gentleman enjoyed meeting Marina, his reaction is priceless. And the fact that the whole experience was more than lovely, so much that it’s well worth to repeat it again, does it for us and for Marina. Here’s what he had to say about her: Key takeaways: an experience of a life time, she is a ridiculous deal. When I opened my hotel room for her I literally gasped at the beauty before me. It was an experience of a life time, and one that I will surely partake in again. Non-VIPs she is a ridiculous deal. Review source: