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Working as an escort [in Berlin] – what you need to know

Thank you for your interest to work with our agency, if that’s how you got on this page. If you’re only curious about escorting in Berlin, please read on anyway, as some of the advice below is generally applicable for many sex workers in this industry.

working as an escort - what you need to know



About our agency

Our agency is based in Berlin, Germany and has been around for some time; we’ve had quite a few girls working with us, from almost every corner of the earth. Please head over to our About page to learn more about us, our history and the business.

Some highlights are our interest in obtaining work rights like everybody else and feminism – we believe that women should be able to make their own choices regarding their bodies, even if a lot of groups (including feminist groups) think otherwise; evidence-based public policies and legislation; education – we can’t go anywhere as a society without educating each other about our wants and needs. Browsing through our Blog section will give you a decent idea of what we care about.


About sex work

Sex work – escorting being our focus here – is a controversial human reality. It shouldn’t be, but it is. It’s been going since the dawn of time and it’s never stopped being a part of our society, no matter how poor, rich, educated, ignorant or peaceful we’ve been. You’re human – you’re a sexual creature, whether you like it or not (asexual people make up for a tiny fraction of our species, we’ll respectfully leave them out of this).

Sex work continues to be policed across the globe for the wrong reasons, there’s a lot of stigma (archived URL) surrounding the industry and the debate regarding its legitimacy and is implications for the society at large has never stopped, it got even more heated if anthing – though it shouldn’t have if we would’ve passed laws based on evidence and not opinions.

sex work is real work

Some groups assert that it should be banned because it’s immoral and demeaning, but this has proved to be a very slim argument when the modern society boasts a number of jobs that we could call immoral if we selectively pick one of the sides that helps our reasoning. One could easily argue, for example, that a professional car driver is doing an immoral job considering that we’re actively killing our only habitat we know and makes human life possibe. In the same vein, it’s immoral to be a boxing trainer, a boxing ring maker or a bookkeeper for a boxer considering that the boxers are literally harming each other for no practical reason in modern society. We could go through a longer list, but we hope you get the idea.

What’s even more relevant is the fact that sex work is not intrinsically dangerous, just like non-sexual massaging and professional house cleaning is not. Unlike actors, stunt people, boxing and other impact sports and a host of other jobs, where the risk of serious physical damage is an accepted and foreseen part of the profession.

Other groups claims that those who are selling sex directly are in fact being victims of trafficking and desperately need to be saved, despite the evidence showing that this is not true and the criminalisation proponents making up unsound evidence as they go along. Others invoke religious doctrines and selectively ignore whatever they don’t like regarding how biology and psychology works for our species. Some disagree with escorting for no particular reason and are looking to criminalise it simply because they feel the need to control what the other people do with their bodies and how they live their lives. And, finally, some groups of people are severly ill-informed or dangerously conservative in terms of sexual life and end up harming sex workers while attempting to provide them with a “way out of the industry” when no such need took shape.

Yes, women have been and continue to be policed by men (and other women) for a very long time and we are still fighting to obtain and maintain our social and physical agency, but it looks like it’s taking so very long still to advance. Partially because it’s difficult to be human, we say.

Sex work, darling, is real work and we want to be paid for it while being protected as any other member of the society who is paying taxes. Decriminalisation of sex work is THE ONLY WAY to protect sex workers.


About escorting and yourself

Working as an escort can mean different things for different people, but the context – the legal and social framework where escorting is taking place – makes most of that difference. In Germany, escorting is legal, so no need to worry that you’re doing something illegal. Recently passed legislation, however, brought about some stipulations we welcomed – such as the mandatory use of condoms when providing or paying for sexual services, but also made sex work a little more dangerous for escorts in Germany while contributing tremendously to pre-existing stigma – the compulsory registration scheme with the local authorities.

Profession-wise, escorting nowadays means so much more than just cheap eroticism, visual stimulation and mechanic relief. It is more than ever and for a large number of escorts about personal choice, business, owned sexuality, social empowerment and feminism. We all want to make money, but it’s important to be the masters of our destinies as well.

Please head over to our Blog to find out more about sex work and activism and why, for example, we are so committed to being professionals and we’d like our customers to understand that as well.

We believe it’s important that you take pride in your job and not let the ill-informed ethics or people who don’t respect you as a human being to bring you down and make you constantly question your decisions. We want you to be comfortable and feel safe with what you do.

In our business ladies who have a good command of English are preferred, as you would guess. The audience is often international. Although most of our clients contact us from Berlin, they come from all over the world. German-speaking ladies are also quite appreciated, as a good chunk of our service consumers are indeed German.

You must know that working as an escort doesn’t mean you have to look like a fashion magazine model; in fact, we believe there’s healthy demand for normal-looking escort girls as it is and you should be fine. However, it’s worth pointing out that girls endowed with a more harmonious body and in good physical shape stand a better chance at being booked more often and raising interest around their services.


How safe it is?

Escorting in Germany is quite safe.

We don’t ever force you to do something you’re not happy to do, so feel free to check our Services page and let us know which of those you’re happy to offer and add anything that we haven’t listed there already. Girls who are creative and more generous in terms of services offered do tend to be booked more often and get more regular clients, but do think it through, please, take it easy and make sure you set your limits before diving in.

Safety should always be your priority. We already make a big deal regarding safety and we’ll share whatever tips we may have with you, but nothing and no one else can cover all bases apart from you, so ensure you’re happy with the way things are developing and trust your instincts when something doesn’t look right. Call the police when danger looms, you are not doing anything illegal, escorting is legal in Germany.

That being said, we rarely have troubles with our clients but we’re also quite vigilant and don’t compromise on safety. You shouldn’t either.

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