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Is escorting dangerous? Only if it’s illegal

Prostitution in itself is not dangerous. The overwhelming majority of sex encounters we have during our lives are not dangerous. Escorting is nothing more than having sex (although many times it doesn’t involve penetration of any kind, or even touching!) and getting paid for it.

is escorting dangerous?

Celebrities are sure trying to make sex work to look bad, from a safety perspective (let alone the dangerously arrogance of stating that it’s immoral – no one is asking you to do it, honey!). It’s not.

Giving rights (allow me to say it again, with more emphasis this time: R-I-G-H-T-S) to sex workers only makes their lives better.

When you criminalize their actions or their decisions to use their bodies to make profit because you don’t agree with that and/or you refuse to acknowledge the growing body of research, you’re harming sex workers and the society at large.

Here’s a better written article that the excerpt below has been taken from: Why decriminalize sex work?

  • Right to be protected by the law Right to be free from violence
  • Right to be free from discrimination
  • Right to associate and organise
  • Right to privacy and freedom from arbitrary interference
  • Right to health
  • Right to move and to migrate
  • Right to work and free choice of employment