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Michaela is the Berlin Escort Modelle's manager & public relations officer and sets the direction for the organisation. Michaela updates the website on all admin and organisational matters and sometimes contributes on the blog.

Alejandra review: the ultimate girl next door

alejandra berlin drinking

See, when someone tells you you’re hot oftentimes, you get used to it. But our business, it’s not about looking hot alone. I mean, sure, we put a lot of effort into that, we’re mechanical animals, as Marilyn Manson puts it, but the main activity is the relationship part. It’s where your skills meets the client’s needs and expectations and magic happens. Alejandra is a skilled person. She’s knowledgeable, kind and attentive and she understands that we sometimes limit ourselves and we create boundaries that prevent us from really connecting with each other. But she’s socially skilled enough to help you overcome your background insecurities and at peace with your own needs and desires. Here’s what a customer had to […]

Marina review: “I recommend the girl and the service”

marina is a sexy beauty

Marina is getting praises in general, no surprise here. From us and our clients all the time, but also from her colleagues. She is very appreciated for her calm and tactful attitude towards social situations and we’re certainly very happy to have her in our team. Feel free to book her and discover her talents yourself. And, to quote her exact words when she’s on her knees, “thank you, sir!”. Here’s what a gentleman had to say about her: Key takeaways: a hot European blonde, the girls all live up to their ads. I just had a couple of hours available on an early weekday morning. Most places I called didn’t answer until this outfit Student Models, available 24×7 ! […]

[Solved] Troubles with our email account, please bear with us

Failure notice

It seems we have a little trouble receiving messages lately, due to a server fault. If you’ve been trying to get in touch with us through email (info – at – you probably received a “Failure Notice” or some error like that; it’s just a configuration problem we have to deal with and it’s our registrar that has the control for now, but we can’t seem to get through to them. We’re trying our best to sort it out before the beginning of the next week. Meanwhile you can still call us +4915221040240 and this remains our principal point of contact. Apologies for the inconvenience, please rest assured we’re doing our best to sort this out. Thanks! BEM Team.

Marina review: “an experience of a lifetime, that I will surely partake in again”


Very nice to find out how much this gentleman enjoyed meeting Marina, his reaction is priceless. And the fact that the whole experience was more than lovely, so much that it’s well worth to repeat it again, does it for us and for Marina. Here’s what he had to say about her: Key takeaways: an experience of a life time, she is a ridiculous deal. When I opened my hotel room for her I literally gasped at the beauty before me. It was an experience of a life time, and one that I will surely partake in again. Non-VIPs she is a ridiculous deal. Review source:

Outcall escorts in Berlin for sex and social nights out

big heart

What are outcall escorts? Outcall escorts are companions who go to the client’s location to provide the service they are contracted for. Following the definition, an incall escort is the companion who receives the client at her or his location. If it’s a “pleasure house”, it’s usually the case for incall escorts. We, at Berlin Escort Modelle, only offer outcall escorts in Berlin (and especially Charlottenburg) at this point for the following reasons: it’s easier to maintain our standards, protect your privacy and ensure everyone is happy. Read more about our prices and the types of services we provide with a big smile, a warm heart and a short tight dress.   There are advantages to booking outcall escorts in […]

New: Latina callgirls in Berlin


Hi guys, hope you’re doing great and business runs as usual, if not better. As you probably have already noticed, we have added two more girls to our team and we’re very excited about this because they both come from Brazil, they are long time friends, they’ve been working in the industry for a while – thus experienced and well adjusted, and they have fantastic personalities. As a result, we created a special category on the website specially for them and we kindly invite you to have a look and have a taste if you appreciate curvy intelligent girls with a lot to offer: the Latina Escort Girls. Latina callgirls in Berlin We know there’s a demand for Latina beauties […]

Open Internet Project and how it affects the sex work industry

For once, things could be getting better in terms of allowing fair competition in Google’s search results when it comes to the sex work industry. Open Internet Project is a community of European Consumers and Digital Entrepreneurs that demand ban of Google’s manipulative favouring of own services and content. In our situation manipulative favouring of own services and content is not the case since Google is not competing with us in the sex work industry – thank god for that. But what it does in our case is to constantly ban our Google+ profiles and anything related to our website while allowing others to be, thus preventing fair competition within the search results by denying our chances to compete in […]

Status update in 2014

carla in the pool with candles

With the latest trends in the adult industry, Berlin surely rides the waves. Our escorts agency has been working hard to provide high quality services to its customers and it’s now paying off, with many of you writing us to express your satisfaction with the ladies and their lovely attitude. We are, of course, very happy and we hope to keep the standards up and become one of the your first choices in terms of intelligent and sexy escorts in Berlin. We know that starting with May 2014 new businesses will be born in Berlin and we want to be there for your needs: relaxation is not a thing to easily forget about. Ask us for adult stories, we’re masters […]

How to book an outcall escort in Berlin

denise berlin escort

You are on this page because you’re looking to find out how to book an outcall escort from Escort Modelle of Berlin. It’s quite simple. All you have to do is make a selection of the girl (or girls – if you’re after a bisexual threesome) you’re interested in, click the “Book now” button below the girl presentation or ring the agency directly at (+49)15 22 10 40 240 and tell the receptionist where you wish to meet with your chosen girl. Find below the usual steps of booking an outcall escort in Berlin, Germany and even Europe. How to book outcall escorts in Berlin Easiest: call us. You can enquire about the prices, timings, kinks, safety or whatever else […]

The adult entertainment industry and the social media

social media porn

I found a very interesting slide about how the adult industry is using social media these days; since social media is changing how to perceive the surrounding world, how we communicate and share information between ourselves, the adult industry is subjected to the same changes and effects. Basically all performers, regardless of the industry, need strong social profiles to get better contracts and gain the much needed popularity. Social media allows and empowers them to obtain higher social profiles and popularity amongst their fans and, ultimately, their employers. Our escort girls also made full use of social media channels in the past, until Facebook, Tumblr and a number of other platforms decided it’s not OK anymore and deleted their accounts […]

A birthday surprise for your wife (Kink ideas)

marina blonde escort

Sex life for couples who’ve been together for many years can turn into a boring every-day-do’s-and-dont’s lists and chores; but you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, bring her the moon or buy your wife a new car (although admittedly you could do that and hope for the best) to spice up your long time romance. What we’d suggest is a bit different, more down to Earth and sexually involved. There’s an idea for you: call your wife and tell her you have a surprise for her birthday, a tender wet and luscious one that is. “Honey, don’t be late tonight, we’re gonna have a late desert this evening. Oh, and that really short dress I love must be on […]

A call girl in Berlin

marina call girl berlin

As the summer comes, Berlin is getting hotter in every sense. People smile more, girls wear less clothes and public parks hide lovers who slip their hands under the t-shirts. Marina is one of our high valued call girls in Berlin. She’s very sexy and attractive, kisses like a queen, but hums like a kitten. She’s also a good listener and keeps eye contact when you’re addressing her. Nights can be unforgettable with this fantastic girl. Marina is always on time and she rarely disappoints. Fit and a known teaser, she can play your girlfriend better than your actual girlfriend. Ask her for a massage and the heaven will fall upon you, with a stars explosion of eroticism and sweet […]

Asian, Eastern European or Western Escorts – Which do you prefer?

I’ve always had a thing for Asian escorts and eastern european escorts, some call it fetish, some say it’s because the late cultural mix between our races, some blame it on porn and others simply don’t think about it but secretly hope they’ll meet one and – dear god! – they will remember it for the rest of their lives. I wonder what’s the preference in Berlin. Do most Berliners fancy a passionate Latina, a red- haired voluptuous westerner, an Eastern European slim goddess or a dark skinned sexy-as-hell escort who knows how to turn the world around? Maybe the blonde escorts have a bigger client base? Or the brunettes? But before deciding on one or more of these preferences, […]

This escort has taken some time off

beach giirl

You have been automatically redirected here. This escort is taking some time off from Berlin Escort Modelle to pursue other dreams. We apologise for the inconvenience and we’d like to invite you to have a look over the delightful options we currently present.   Should you have any questions, please check whether they’ve been answered already on our FAQ page or use the contact form to send us a message. Thank you for your understanding, we really appreciate your interest. BEM team.