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A date for a business event? A relaxing evening at home? Or maybe a young, hot college girl type escort for tonight? We got you covered.

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We are an experienced and customer-oriented escort agency in Berlin who’s been around for some time.

About us

Berlin EscortModelle is a an escorts agency in Berlin, Germany. We’ve been working to please you in every way for the past 8 years or so. And when we say every way, we mean it.

Quick jumps

As a women-led organisation who’s been around the block for some time now, we have managed to keep ourselves entirely independent since the beginning – no rich smarty pants investments coming with silly conditions and bullying, and we’ve set to implement a number of rules for the health and safety of our workers (which we believe are generally better than the industry average) while also doing our best to ensure our clientèle’s privacy and interests are fully covered in the most professional manner.

This is what we have so far: blonde escorts (still the most popular since the beginning and we’re actively looking for voluptuous candidates — apply here for a job), brunette escorts, busty escorts (also a winner with our client base), girls happy to play the threesome game with one of their colleagues, petite escorts and, of course, the kinksters – those ladies who are happy to perform the humiliation acts, like sitting on the guys’ faces until they see heaven (it actually happens and we’re always supported it) or “forcing” them to suck their toes or lick their shoes clean.

No judgements, nothing scarry or sacred, only safe, good old sexual fun to give life taste and relax. So welcome, guys.

Who is using Berlin Escort Modelle


A bit of history

Started as a small venture by Alejandra and a friend during their university years, Berlin EscortModelle was meant as a quick way to make money to support themselves to continue to live in Charlottenburg while also ensuring they had enough time to study, meet friends and be social, have fun and keep healthy.

Most clients came through word of mouth recommendations and this ensured a steady flux for a while. But, as always, among the nice people some a-holes slipped through as well and we had to ensure that personal safety was always adequately considered and we decided that absolutely no amount of money is worth the risk of becoming a victim of abuse or worse. Escorting is not dangerous in itself when it’s legal and we were not operating under the radar, but working with people comes with risks – particularly when they don’t seem to grasp the fact that selling sex is merely a job and they should treat people with dignity regardless of their jobs.

Rules had to be put in place.

We’ve started by creating a set of rules abide by for our own protection, we started reading more about the industry and being more active online in the sex-worker-oriented forums and this was the beginning of turning the occasional sex-for-money into a more serious venture. After uni we’ve started to accept more clients and more escorts.


Our services

We are striving to offer a very fine selection of ladies for various occasions. From charity events, soiree or prom to business meetings and fun nights out in the libertine city of Berlin.
Think about dinners, about no strings attached girlfriends, erotic nights with candles, massage and creative games, dance, little toys to spark imagination reactions or visual stimulus, all at home or away, as you please.

We want to make you happy if you’re coming to Berlin, show a little of that hospitality we’re famous for and we want to show you we know what you’re into if you’re a local. Berlin has no secrets for us but we sure have a few to show you.

So whether you are looking for a dinner companion, a date for a business event or just a relaxing evening at home, don’t look any further. This Berlin escorts agency aims to take care of all your erotic needs.

Head to our Services page to see what exactly is on the menu but please keep in mind that all of these services are entirely dependent on the escort’s willingness, capability and judgement to offer them.

By now we can safely say that we have both the experience and the business acumen to run a succesful escorting agency, that we’ve learned quite a few things since we started and that eveything is to the benefit of our clients, who have repeatedly reviewed us positively and a good chunk of them come back for a number of times.

To quote one of our girls,

our pussies are so sweet that you you will think of us the next time you are sexually excited. 😉


Our rights

The funny thing with sex work is that it’s counterintuitive in a way: people seem to believe that criminalising sex work it will make it safer for the sex workers because… there either won’t be any sex workers to sell sex or there wouldn’t be punters to buy it. But all the information points precisely in the opposite direction: sex work doesn’t disappear merely because it’s driven underground or (some) people disagree with it existing; on the contrary, it will continue to exist despite all made-up ethical BS but it will become completely unsafe for everyone involved and the entire society will stand to lose from this new situation.

Extensive research, history and personal reporting from the sex workers themselves tell the same conclusion, that since demand for sex is based on biological needs and it won’t ever disappear simply because people don’t like it, it’s absolutely crucial that it’s adequately regulated so that all involved actors are protected, hold accountable when things go wrong and human misery is reduced or completely removed.

As you’ve learned by now, we are indeed big on rights, ending sex work stigma and keeping everybody safe, including our clients. We like your penises quite a lot but we need you to understand that though this is all about money in the end, it’s mandatory that we all respect each other and treat ourselves with dignity in the process. Otherwise we can’t please you sexually or in any other way.


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If you wish to know more about us, any of our voluptuous girls or get in touch for some companionship, why not get in touch using the contact form or give us a call at 015221040240? We’re always happy to hear from you.

For our Impressum (legal requirement in Germany), check this page please. See here our privacy policy.

If you have any questions, try giving our FAQ page a glance, maybe your query has already been answered.

If you’re looking to work as an escort in Berlin, we’d be happy to hear from you so please drop us a message.